La Planète TI-83


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Microprocessor : Zilog Z80 6 MHz

Screen : 8 x 16 caracters / 96 x 64 pixels

Memory : 27.3 Ko

Programmation : Basic and Assembler

Batteries : 4 batteries AAA

Price : 100 $

Advantages : Accept all programs of TI-82 while TI-82 can't run TI-83 programs. A lot of fonctions with financial fonctions. Trace linear fonction, parametric, polar. Possibility to connect with another TI-83 (cable provided) and to a PC too (cable not provided). Very easy to use.

TI-83 +

Microprocess : Zilog Z80 6 MHz

Screen : 8 x 16 caracters / 96 x 64 pixels

Memory : 192 Ko

Programmation : Basic and Assembler

Batteries : 4 batteries AAA

Price : 120 $

Advantages: The big advantage of the TI-83+ it's his memory capacity which allow you to have several programs in your TI. The TI-83+ own all TI-83 fonctions with some new keys, the F1 - F5 keys et run all TI-83 basic programs. The cable to connect two TI-83+ or a TI-83+ and a TI-83 is provided. The cable for PC is not provided.

Calculator-Based Ranger (CBR)

Description : The CBR has been created to study item in motion. It own a lot of fonctions pre-installed that let you make many operations and display results on the TI screen by pressing a key. You link the CBR directly with the TI.
The CBR is useful for students rather than a personnal use.

Price : 100 $

Calculator-Based Laboratory (CBL)

Description : The CBL let you make physics applications on your TI. The CBL's fonctions can determinate temperature, pressure, light and many other things. A very good instrument
The CBL is intended for a personnal use rather than for a workgroup but can be used in highschool.

Price : 200 $

Calculator-Based Laboratory 2 (CBL2)

Description : The CBL2 is an evolution of the CBL, all CBL's programs are compatibles with the CBL2. The CBL2 own a biggest memory to sav programs and own a flash memory too. You can recover your programs on a PC.
His use is the same but his fonctions are few difficult to use.

Available : March 2000

TI Graph-Link

Description : The Graph-Link can receive and send data from a TI to a PC and vice versa. The software can also take screenshot and make a backup of your TI. You can buy separately an adaptator for Macintosh.
This cable let you easily save your programs for a later use.

Price : 90 $

Black Windows Graph-Link

Description : This can allow you to receive and send data from a Ti to a PC and vice versa, there is no adaptator for Macintosh. I've never seen this cable and I don't know which advantage it has if not the price.
The most frequently use it's to save programs for a later use.

Price : 50 $

Parallel Link

Serial Link

PIC Link

Sounds speaker

TI Parallel Port Link Adapter

Serial link box

IR Link

TI-TI link cable

Read phone cards

Slide cases
Some cases with differents colors are available, red, green, yellow, blue, grey, purple by example, this orange version will be available on start 2001. You can purchase these products on Texas Instruments website.

Serial Link