La Planète TI-83

Shoot'em up

To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Airhawk || Matthew Roberts || 12800 bytes
A great game in which you must destroy bridges with your plane. The only problem is the game need all TI's memory to run.

Alien || Ahmed El-Helw || 1084 bytes
A classiclal type game. You must kill all moving things. Not very interesting.

Alien Breed II v2.0 || Jimsoft Software || 13509 bytes
You are a navy spy and you must teke control and save a space station. Options are useful and well done. Try it.

Bar Fight 2 || Tom Gaston || 1730 bytes
A game for two players. Each one must kill the other. Lack of interest.

Boxe & Bombs 2 || Bill Ellis || 5183 bytes
A bomberman type game, you must shot all others. There are 3 levels and a two players mode.

Boxe TI || Bill Ellis || 3856 bytes
You have a gun and must go out of the room alive, good luck. An editor level is included.

Chicken Shoot || Harper Maddox || 5452 bytes
You must kill ducks in a minimum of time. A duck is added in each level. Graphics are very well done.

Diablo || Harper Maddox || 20059 bytes
You must kill animals to earn points and finish the game. Graphics are pretty.

Dragon Ball Z 83 || A.P.S || 11239 bytes
You choose your character and fight, the game is difficult to play.

Duck Hunt 83Z || Andrew Ungvarsky || 3501 bytes
A clone of the old Nintendo game. You must kill 10 ducks. There are several levels to win, but you must aim very well.

Galaxian v1.4 || Patrick Davidson, Sam Heald, Jacob Boyce || 4737 bytes
A wonderful game. 20 differents levels and a boss at the end. Posibility to save your game.

Maze Quest || BJD || 5163 bytes
You are in a little maze and you must fight each other. Only if you like this type of game.

PI Intruders || Eric Hood || 5033 bytes
A space invaders type game. You must kill the pi symbols. Graphics are not very goods.

SpaceWar || Joe Wingbermuehle || 1372 bytes
A fight between ships. Opponents can't shoot but if you hit them, you lose a life. An opponent is adding to each level and there are 15 levels.

Spaze Invaders || Hannes Edfeldt || 5686 bytes
A spaze invaders with pretty graphics. A very good realization with many levels and a boss in the end of each level.

SubHunt || Sam Heald || 2147 bytes
A battleship game in which you must destroy as many ship as you can without be shot too much. Some ship are faster than others, You must adjust your fire

Tiehunt || Andy Straube || 6057 bytes
An funny game but without a lot of interest. You must kill all ducks that you see.