La Planète TI-83

BASIC 83/83+

To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Arena 3 || W. Bekkers and R. Hendrikx || 5171 bytes
Two players must stay alive as long as possible in an arena. There are 2 arenas integred and some are randomly built.

Die Hynkel || Bluboy || 1275 bytes
A good snake game in which you must avoid walls in order to arrive at the opposite of the screen without diing.

Labyrinthe Serpent || Jonathan Grenier || 5529 bytes
A snake game with two modes and seven levels. The snake is not fast but the game is well done.

Line Wars || Daniel Sims || 2156 bytes
You can play with two calculators or against it. You must become very big and hit nothing.

Masken || Andreas Wileur et Jonathan Goth || 729 bytes
A little snake in which you must pick up all items without hitting a wall.

Nibbles v1.1 || Vad || 1165 bytes
A little snake in which you must pick items and stay on the screen.

Nibbles Arcade || Sicode || 7926 bytes
A good snake game with 3 games modes, one of these you play against the TI. The speed is good ans options are interesting.

Serpent || Marc Pavot || 1197 bytes
A nibbles type game and very well done. You must reach the cross without hitting any point of the screen. Try to reach the more cross you can.

Serpent || Author Unknow || 1517 bytes
A very goo game with many different difficulties levels. You must avoid big cross to catch the little.

Tribbles || Jared Bayne || 814 bytes
You must have the more 's' you can. You can hit a box in order to have 30 points.