La Planète TI-83

ION 83/83+

To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Block Dude v1.2 || Brandon Sterner || 3818 bytes
Your small guy must reach the door of each level leaving blocks as he need. Contain a password for each level.

Bomberkids || Julien Solignac || 4121 bytes
A geme for two, three or four players. A bomberman type game with many special bonus.

Boulder Dash || Jimmy Mardell || 6372 bytes
A great game, close to the original version on PC. Very nice graphics and a good speed of game. Get it.

Hard hat mack 2 || Derrick Ward || 6464 bytes
You must catch objects avoiding everybody. You change floor by doors that lift you or bring you down. A simple copy of the Bugs Bunny game on GameBoy.

Indiana Jones Demo || Orr Studios || 9846 bytes
A nice game, great graphics, a little small, and an easy way to play. Try it.

Ironheart v1.3 || Yuri Boyko || 20274 bytes
A good RPG game with excellent graphics. The game takes a lot of memory.

Knight Quest 2 || Bengt Wertén || 9511 bytes
A good classical arcade game, you are a small character and you must kill everyone on your way.

Legacy of Kain || Archie Easter || 20286 bytes
A game based on the PlayStation one of the same name. A start you are a vampire that has been betrayed by his master.

Melt Man || Matthew Landry || 4687 bytes
You must finish the 8 levels of the game by founding a door in each one. Each door needs a key.

Ninja Warrior || Psyfighter || 8948 bytes
You must kill all monsters and this in many rooms.

Pacman 99 || Patrick Davidson et Sam Heald || 3964 bytes
A pacman game with staggered graphisms. The game is fast and some useful options are included. The ghosts are like in the game. Get it.

Return to Myst || Daniel Headley || 12114 bytes
This game looks like IndianaJones. You control a man and you can fight against your ennemies.

Splat || Paul Robson || 2336 bytes
A good game in which you must collect coins in a maze that moves around you.

Sqrxz 83 v1.2|| Jimmy Mardell || 11957 bytes
Look like to Penguins but graphics are darker. We can kill enemies. The realization is well done.

Star Wars || John Wyrwas || 9999 bytes
A good arcade game based on the theme StarWars. Graphics are wonderful.

Strike Buster || Chris Dawson || 7586 bytes
You must kill all monsters in all rooms.

Thunderbirds Are Go! || James Vernon || 1386 bytes
A little demo. Graphics are pretty good. The final version will be very great.

Zelda Invasion || R in R || 18397 bytes
This game has almost nothing to do with Zelda except in game play and in concept, but it's very well done.