La Planète TI-83

ION 83/83+

To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Blockbuster v4.4 || Doug Torrance || 1413 bytes
You must reach the door with having broken the most square you could. Your character fall down on the bottom of the screen. Levels are random.

Breakout v1.5 || Joe Wingbermuehle || 3048 bytes
The best Arkanoid on 83. A big number of options at first and during the game some bonus can fall down from the squares.

Diamonds || Joe Wingbermuehle || 2214 bytes
The ball rebound always from the top to the bottom and you must direct it from the left to the right to catch the differents squares.

Orzunoid || Patrick Davidson et Sam Heald || 3696 bytes
A kind of arkanoid. The game is well-done but there is less option than breakout. Some bonus are falling down from the squares. The play is good.

Squarez || Jimmy Mardell || 1704 bytes
You must make the bricks blocks disappear from different form. You have a limited time to choose the position of each piece.

XBall v2.0 || Julien Solignac || 2877 bytes
One of te worst arkanoid game, even if it is correct. The graphisms are good but the speed is not very fast. Contains a level editor.

ZTetris v1.1 || Sam Heald, Jimmy Mardell, Patrick Davidson et Ahmed El-Helw || 3341 bytes
A very fast tetris with a big number of options. You can play wit 2 players. Get it absolutly.