La Planète TI-83

ION 83/83+

To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Blink || Matthew Landry || 1720 bytes
You must turn off the smalls squares but you have a limited number of moves.

Checkers || Sam Heald || 2015 bytes
A great draughts game. For 2 players with one or two calculators. You can choose to turn the plateau or not at each turn. Get it.

Concentration v1.31 || Doug Torrance || 1437 bytes
You must find the equivalent cards 2 by 2. You must have a good memory.

DStar v2.6 || Joe Wingbermuehle || 1428 bytes
A reflection game where you must catch the whites balls with the black one that move maximaly on his line. You can change your place with the cross.

Elements || Badja || 6535 bytes
You must take over the objects through a room but you have a limited number of moves.

Fantasy World Trivia v1.01 || Badja || 18761 x 4 bytes
A wonderful trivia quiz. There are 4 questions files, each file contains 384 questions. From 1 to 9 players. Sublime.

Insane || Bill Nagel || 2052 bytes
A puzzle where you must eliminate all the drawings, by 2 or more at the same time. Unless a great reflection, you'll need chance to finish it.

Landmine || Joe Wingbermuehle || 959 bytes
A kind of minesweep with a stopwatch and a save of the score. There is 4 mines at first then the number grows of 4 at each level.

MasterMind 83 v1.01 || Kaid || 762 bytes
A mastermind where you must determine 4 drawing to find the good combination. The game is a little somber but it's a beta version.

Orbix || Joe Wingbermuehle || 1783 bytes
A kind of othello game with the whites and blacks pions. The realisation is well-done but the game is reserved for the passionnated.

Pegs || Fred Coughlin || 1430 bytes
You must eliminate the differents forms 2 by 2 jogging them one to the other. Only one error will make you lose and you would have to restart the level.

Slippy || Andrew Von Dollen || 3736 bytes
A kind of BoulderDash where you must catch all the diamonds breaking the walls with the differents boxes you have.

Sokoban || Andrew Von Dollen || 4907 bytes
The same game from PC, with the 50 originals levels of the game. A great reflection and lucidity game. Get it.

Tetris Attack || Brandon Sterner || 5970 bytes
A reflection game with 60 taleau and a continu game mode. The game is very well-done and the tableau quite complex.

The Tower of Hanoi || Andreas Finne || 1275 bytes
A good game in which you must move a tower, floor by floor to another place.

Yoshi's Cookie || Fred Coughlin || 4632 bytes
You must delete all square on the screen. When the time is off, squares are added.