La Planète TI-83


To run a program, send it to your calculator via TI-Graph Link or another equivalent cable. Send me your programs, suggestions and feedbacks here.

All programs of this page are included in the file nearby.

Apple Pro: Flag Controls || Savenger Apple || 766 bytes
A very nice program that allows you to control some parameters of the TI that you can't easily do normaly.

Archive Recover || Dan Englender || 359 bytes
This programme allows you in some case to recover a deleted file. Excellent program.

Command Prompt || Dan Englender || 1965 bytes
An interface that allows you to make operations on programs like rename it, delete it or protect it.

Controls Plus || Peter Jedraszczak || 1266 bytes
This program allows you to change some parameters like inverse writing or in lowercase.

Disp Pic || Alex Roper || 225 bytes
This program allows you to display picture on the TI very easily.

GPic83 v2.0 || Paul Marks || 2535 bytes
A collection of grey pictures. Well-done. It is possible to add other pictures.

Graphical Buttons Interface || Jason Kovacs || 1535 bytes
This program lets you define buttons for your programs.

Langton's Ant || Dan Englender || 263 bytes
A little ant walk on the screen and you can control it.

Magic 8 Ball || John Wyrwas || 3961 bytes
Words or sentences are displayed randomly. Not very interesting.

Mogsoft's Secret Button || Mogsoft || 356 bytes
To stop the program you must find the secret button, good luck.

Program Description Interface || Jason Kovacs || 934 bytes
You can have a desription for each program in the OS, and also basic programs.

Program Names Interface || Jason Kovacs || 1216 bytes
This program lists all compatibles programs with MirageOS.

Random Lines Screensaver || Alex Roper || 181 bytes
A screensaver for TI-83+. Not very useful but well done.

Remote Calc || Dan Englender || 243 bytes
This program allows you to control a calculator with another calculator in link. Wonderful program.

Telnet 83+ || Justin Karneges || 9850 bytes
A program to connect to Internet. You need a special cable, be connected to an Unix server and many other things, but it may work.

Timer || Dan Englender || 180 bytes
It's a timer that display time up to milliseconds.